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Text a message to our satellite phone, and help three sailors to get home. Into the bargain, you will be up for one of three bottles of our purely unique Scotch, brought in an oak barrell on the seven seas.

Unfortunately, this is only available in Sweden so far. More info will follow, in the mean time please see the Swedish section.
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Day 5124: Sydney, Australia

Circumnavigating in a small boatlon:151.28;lat:-33.85

We're sailing for a while. Welcome to join us on the adventure!
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Buy Birka!lon:151.28;lat:-33.85;postdate:may 13 3;pos:Sydney, Australia

HenrikBirka is for sale in Sydney. Fully equipped for offshore sailing at a bargain price. Pictures and more info here: >

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Settling in Sydneylon:151.28;lat:-33.85;postdate:dec 12 14;pos:Sydney, Australia

HenrikSo finally we made it. We crossed two oceans and sailed halfway around the world. It took us two and a half years to get here, and it has definitely been worth it.

We are in Australia. We are in the biggest, English speaking city with a livable climate outside of the United States, Sydney, This is where we want to live. Settle down, find jobs and an apartment, and stay here. Go back to normal. Routines. A salary. Jogging. TV and a toaster. I used to call these kind of things the accessories of a rat race, but after living for years on a 28ft boat with no headroom, I miss them.

So, after surviving shark attacks, unchartered reefs, storms, and pirate infested waters, only one little challenge remains, which is to find employers that will offer us jobs and are willing to sponsor us, so that we can have the necessary working rights here.

Give us a shout if you need a pair of competent, hard working and reliable people!

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We Love Bora Boralon:-151.75;lat:-16.5;postdate:aug 12 18;pos:Bora Bora, Society Islands

HenrikFrom Galapagos, the crossing to Marquesas took us 26 days, thanks to a steady tradewind and strong current. After experiencing monumental cliffs, waterfalls, and very friendly locals, we sailed on to the Tuamotus and the Society Islands. 

The last week we have cruised around and anchored at different spots around the beautiful island of Bora Bora. Yesterday we climbed the 700 meters tall peak and enjoyed the view but were reminded of what cruising does to your stamina. 

In a few days we will sail on, even though we love this place. Maupiti, if the waves are small enough to let us through the pass there, or else we will continue to Mopelia another hundred miles to the west. And after that we look forward to visiting a new country: The Cook Islands.

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henrik02Thanks, yes I must admit it has been quite an adventure. Where are you going?


Close hauled to Galapagoslon:-90.31;lat:-0.76;postdate:jun 12 7;pos:Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

ChristineWe thought it would take us ten days to sail the 900 nm from Las Perlas to Galapagos, it took us eleven.
The leg is supposed to be hard on sailors because of the doldrum belt and the inter tropical convergence zone which both are working against you. We were prepared and had brought 145 l of diesel.

But we were lucky and could sail on the same tack for almost a week. Overall we had a pleasant sail with lots of time to read, fish, taking bucket showers and so on. Only because Birka is such a great ship that can sail herself close hauled.
The closer Galapagos we came the colder it got during the nights due to the Humbold current. Long trousers, sweaters, jackets, blankets and wollen hats has been a must on a night shifts.
On the fourth of June 14.48 pm we crossed the equator. Here it is,

The tradition says that one should shave off the hair on the head when crossing. Since we both are very fond of our blonde pony tails we decided to leave the hair on the head.
For the captain it is teh first time on the southern hemisphere and for the two of us the first leg on a big crossing has been done. We are now really in the south pacific and it feels just right.

13 aug We are sailing in paradise Bora Bora

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Point of No Returnlon:-79.965;lat:9.286;postdate:may 12 8;pos:3 nmi west of Chagres River, Panama

HenrikWe are in the Pacific Ocean. The canal transit went smoothly and was overall an enjoyable experience. We spent one night in the Gatun Lake, where we were invited to a party, we saw crocodiles, and made it on time to the locks.

Ahead of us now is thousands of miles of ocean, and it is our only way back home. We will spend a few more days to get organized here in Panama City (and fix the website so we can upload photos) before we set sail. Next stop will probably be Las Perlas, and after that Galapagos, Marquesas, Tuamotu, and so on.

22 maj This update was sent over satellite.

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