Circumnavigating in a small boat

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Text a message to our satellite phone, and help three sailors to get home. Into the bargain, you will be up for one of three bottles of our purely unique Scotch, brought in an oak barrell on the seven seas.

Unfortunately, this is only available in Sweden so far. More info will follow, in the mean time please see the Swedish section.
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Day 5095: Sydney, Australia

Circumnavigating in a small boatlon:151.28;lat:-33.85

We're sailing for a while. Welcome to join us on the adventure!
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Cinco de Mayolon:-79.965;lat:9.286;postdate:may 12 2;pos:3 nmi west of Chagres River, Panama

HenrikWe are in Portobelo and are enjoying ourselves. The canal authorities say we will go through the canal on May 5th. We need one more line handler so give us a shout if you want to help!

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Rio Chagreslon:-75.5;lat:10.4;postdate:apr 12 24;pos:Cartagena, Colombia

HenrikWe have a preliminary date for the canal transit: 8th of May. Today we will sail to Rio Chagres and anchor in the jungle for a few nights.

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Jaws 4lon:-75.5;lat:10.4;postdate:apr 12 22;pos:Cartagena, Colombia

HenrikHere is a video of the nurse shark we caught in San Blas. It was too big to eat so we let it go. Click on the red arrow: >

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Colonlon:-75.5;lat:10.4;postdate:apr 12 22;pos:Cartagena, Colombia

HenrikWe are in Colon in Panama and are waiting for a canal transit.

On our way here we caught a shark in San Blas, almost got run over by a tanker without navigation lights, and ran out fuel between the breakwaters of the harbour. Our newly modified windpilot is working well, and held our course for almost 24 hours.

We are in Shelter Bay Marina. It is nice but too expensive, so today we will move to the Flats.

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All Onboard Going Abroadlon:-75.5;lat:10.4;postdate:apr 12 14;pos:Cartagena, Colombia

HenrikYesterday, on Friday 13th, we successfully launched Birka. Today we will set sail and sail to Panama. Will make a quick stop in San Blas before we continue to Colon for the canal transit.

The boat is in good shape and so is the crew. Oh, how nice to sail again.

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